Khatera is especially known for her professional work and for her amazing makeovers (transformations), but also to give the individual customer an experience beyond the usual.

Khatera Faizzad is a motivated, talented hairdresser and makeup artist and has quickly become one of the city’s most talented makeup artist and hair stylist. She has an unpleasant ability to work with all skin types and tones and create a great look for a wide range of clients.

She offers all the hairdressing services, and specializes in hair updoes and makeup for bigger events.

Her passion has led her to a very flourishing career. She is now motivated to pursue her dream as a freelance artist and to create her own brand.

Khatera has taken the hairdressing program in Aarhus, but has always participated in many courses at home and abroad in the field of hair and makeup in order to make a successful job in the industry.

All the pictures in this website is from her own work and creations


“All my clients are unique to me, and at the same time I see them as an empty canvas where I can unfold, show my art and highlight their unique features.” Khatera Faizzad

My clients trust my judgment in experimenting with them, both with the different products and with different looks. Change rejoices, so I play around with many different hair and cosmetic techniques to create a unique, unique look.

I come with another culture and another life story, and it is reflected in my work too and it is enriching.