Clip On Extensions in Double Weft

Double wefted extensions are the ideal way to add more thickness and weight to your hair in a flash. Featuring two high-quality wefts sewn securely together, our double wefted sets contain the same amount of clips as a regular single weft set – so they’re just as quick and easy to put into your hair!

Our double weft sets are secure, comfortable and luxuriously soft; and because they’re clip-in extensions, you can have thicker hair whenever you want and remove them with ease. All our extensions are made with 100% remy human hair, to ensure a natural yet glamorous look.

Clip on / off of 100% Genuine Remy Hair Extensions, also called clip hair makes it easy to get long and full hair in seconds. We can sell competitive hair extensions in the best quality, in different colors, thickness and length.

If you just want length there is also the standard range that is common thickness.

These cannot be orderd online. please give us a call.

Here you can see the prices

15 inches – 150 grams – price  549,- kr

18 inches – 170 grams  – price 649,- kr

20 inches – 180 grams   price 799,- kr

24 inches – 210 grams   price 949,- kr

Click at “Shop” and you can see the range that can be ordered online.

If you want a specific color, thickness or length please feel free to give us a call or visit us,  so we can order your hair extentions for pickup or delievered.

clip Hair-Extensions