Ladies wash, cut and dry (45 min)399,-
extra charge for extra long hair 50,-
Ladies cut, intensive hair treatment and consultation (60 min)499,-
Ladies cut and olaplex (75 min)699,-
Cutting bangs (30 min)99,-
Children haircutPrice
Children haircut 0-6 ( 30min)275,-
Children haircut 6-12 år (30 min)299,-
Color (in combination with a cut)Pris
Regrowth max 3 cm short / mediumFra 499,-
Regrowth max 3 cm long/powerfulFra 599,-
Color short/medium599,- / 749,-
Color medium/longfra 799,- / 849,-
Color longfra 1499,-
Color and highlights, short hairfra 899,-
Color and highlights, medium hairfra 1.499,-
Color and highlights, long hairfra 2499,-
Balayage/ombre in medium/longFra 2.500,-
Balayage/ombre Long/Extra LongFra 3.000,-
Price in association with cutPrice
Highlights regrowth with foil, short/medium599,- / 699,-
Highlights regrowth with foil, long/extra long799,- / 999,-
Highlights with foil, short/medium699,- / 799,-
Highlights with foil in long/extra long1.299,- / 1.499,-
Permanent without cut, in short hair799,-
Permanent without cut in medium999,-
Permanen without cut in long hair1.399,-
Permanent with cut in short hair1.099,-
Permanent with cut in medium hair1.399,-
Permanent with cut in long hair1.699,-
Lashes and browsPrice
Brow coloring (20 min)99,-
Correcting and shaping of the brow with tweezer (15 min)99,-
Correcting and shaping of the brow ( threading method ) (15 min)99,-
Fixing brows, coloring brows and coloring the lashes (30 min )299,-
Lash coloring (20 min)125,-
Olaplex - stand alone399,-
Threading, upper lip99,-
Threading whole face, without brows225,-
Threading whole face and brows250,- - 275,-
Threading whole face, brows and coloring brows325,-
Evening/party makeup (not for brides)Price
Evening / party makeup (incl. Lashes) (45-60 min)Call or write to get a price. Prices from 1199-1399,-
Evening hair updo (45-60 min)Call or write to get a price. Prices from 1199-1399,-
Wedding, Henna, engagementPrice
Bridal makeup ( 120min)(incl. lashes worth 100-150)ca. 1499,- contact us for price
Bridal hair updo (120 min)ca. 1.500,- incl. pre-dialog
Bridal Package 1
- Bridal hair
-Bridal makeup
- attachment of a bridal veil
- false lashes (value 200-299)
- 30 min. consultation 30min. before wedding

Price depends on the choice of lashes, hair length, thickness, hairstyle, and addition of extensions. Call us so we can assist you further with the prices.
from 2399 - 2999,-
contact us for price
Bridal package 2
- cutting ends so your hair is best prepared for styling for the wedding, and for the honeymoon afterwards.
- Bridal hair
- Bridal makeup
- Artificial lashes (value 200-299)
- fixing the brows
- Removing unwanted hair on face
- 30 min. consultation before wedding.
- optional colored contact lenses
Vask og fønPris
Vask og føn, kort hår (30 min)299,-
Vask og føn, langt hår (45 min)375,-

O.B.S Please note that there may be a supplement for extra strong hair for all color and reflex treatments.

O.B.S For larger color changes, such as walking from blonde to black / brunette, or brunette to blonde, prices may vary greatly due to the chemical process. Ask for an approx. price before treatment.

* Please note a supplement for extra long or heavy hair and spiral wrap for all permanent treatments.

For engagement, Henna, or wedding, 10% is deducted, but due to the professional products and exclusive lashes we use, prices can not be adjusted. The flaps will usually be mink lashes, which can be used up to 20 times and have a value of 250-299, – kr.