If you do not have full or long lashes, you can choose to make lash eyelash extensions with us.

You get full, dark and tight lashes in a few hours, and together we find out the length and how full you want them.. You save time in the mornings, and you dont have to use mascara.

Carefully apply a smoothly trained technique and the eyelas extentions are applied to each of your own lashes while you completely relax the eyes with the eyes closed. We take into account that the eyes are a sensitive area and we only use only glue that is approved in Denmark for the purpose, and purchases from Danish retailers of eyelashes extentions.

with a new set of eyelash extensions, you will have long and full lashes for 3-4 weeks.

Keep in mind that newly-sealed extensions must not be exposed to water, oily makeup remover, steam and sauna for the first 24 hours as the glue must cure.

After 24 hours you should still avoid oil-based  makeup remover, or else you will risk loosen the glue.


New set (2 hours)                        699,-

60 min opfyldning                      395,-

30 min opfyldning                      195,-