Times can be booked at the earliest 4-5 months before the date of wedding hair and makeup.

We would rather not book customers if there is longer time to date.

Guests can book 3 weeks before date, as we primarily deal with brides.

All brides must bring a set of full extensions + 1 donut that day.

Extensions can also be purchased from us.

If you do not have any extensions or want to buy, you can borrow extensions from us. This means that we have your desired color and there will also be paid 1000, – in dep. for the hair. Once the hair has returned in the same condition, you will be refunded your deposit again.

For loans of hair donuts, there must also be paid 100, – in the deposit if you do not have your own.

Guests should also pay attention to bring their own extensions if they want a haircut that requires this.

  • Deposit is required 500, – in dep. when booking a bridal package
  • 600, – have to be paid in dep. for bridal to henna / engagement, wedding
  • There must be paid 300, – in the deposit for guest bookings

The time will only be fixed when the deposit is paid. You usually get 3-5 days to pay the deposit.

Deposit can be paid via mobile payment, cash, Dankort, or bank transfer.

Cancellation policy

There will be no refundable deposit when a deal is booked. It is the customer who orders the agreement that is responsible for evaluating a time and date. Once the agreement is secured and the deposit is paid, the deposit is non refundable and non transferable. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Deposit back is not transferred on cancellation of times, even though there are several months to date. Because most of our customers book in good time, and in case of shedding, we may have already rejected another customer who would have had the time.

The prices of services may vary or change at any time.

Please note we only accept cash and check.

You can not bring your own lashes since we have experience that some lashes are not of good quality and the customer most often regrets their choice of lashes. We will always have 3-4 deliberate varriants to choose from.

The bride / customer who must have made makeup or hair should meet up alone as one can often be distracted / disturbed if one or two is waiting for several hours. We would rather have the bride as relaxed as possible and we have peace and quiet to do the work. You are welcome to come 15.min before she concludes the consultation and pick up the person.

The bride is welcome to arrive 5.min before the agreed time. More than 5 minutes is not necessary. The salon can not accommodate a lot of people and if the person comes 30 minutes before, she can interfere with the previous client.

You will be offered tea / coffee and a snack. If you bring along food, you can enjoy it at the waiting area.

Loans of makeup or other styling equipment from the salon are not allowed for outside guests but are reserved for customers only.

Parking is allowed in the private carport

As the salon is in a paracel house neighborhood, we ask our customers to take care of our neighbors, since they have children. High noise levels will not be acceptable.

Prices for services may vary or change at any time.

Khatera shall not be liable for omissions or failure to perform her obligation, when such is through accident or caused by events reasonably deemed beyond her control. If Artist should be materially or physically incapacitated from performing its service for any reason, she shall have the option to be replaced by a trained assistant.

Please note, we accept cash, mobilepay and card payments .

Thank you for your loyalty and support.